All grammar games/ activities pages A to Z

As part of the on-going reorganisation of TEFLtastic, am trying to make a complete list of the games/ worksheets index pages. That’s taking longer than I thought, but have done it for the most popular pages, namely grammar. If you’d like more such pages, more ideas on those pages and/ or more such useful lists, please SUPPORT TEFLTASTIC .

Updated 29 September 2017


Adverbs of frequency


Can/ Can’t

Comparative adjectives games/ worksheets page

Comparatives and superlative adjectives


Conjunctions games/ worksheets – See Linking Expressions below

Continuous aspect

Count/ Non-count – See Countable and Uncountable Nouns below

Countable and uncountable nouns

Dependent prepositions


-ed and -ing adjectives page

First conditional

Future continuous

Future desires

Future forms games/ worksheets – See Future Tenses below

Future Perfect games/ worksheets – NEW PAGE

Future plans games/ worksheets – See Going To below

Future tenses

Get something done games/ worksheets – See Have Something Done below

Going to

Gradable and extreme adjectives

Have/ Have got

Have something done/ Get something done

Indirect speech games/ worksheets – See Reported Speech below

Infinitive of purpose

It is/ They are

Linking expressions

Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission

Modals of probability/ possibility/ deduction

Modal verbs

Mixed conditionals

Narrative tenses games/ worksheets – See Past Tenses below

Passive voice

Past Continuous page

Past Perfect page

Past Perfect Simple games/ worksheets – See Past Perfect above

Past Progressive games/ worksheets – See Past Continuous above

Past Simple page

Past tenses

Perfect aspect

Plans games/ worksheets – See Going To above


Possessive adjectives games/ worksheets

Possessive S games/ worksheets

Predictions games/ worksheets – See Will below


Prepositions of location – See Prepositions of Position below

Prepositions of movement

Prepositions of position

Prepositions of time

Present Continuous

Present Continuous for arrangements

Present Perfect

Present Perfect and Simple Past

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Simple – See Present Perfect above

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Present Simple

Present Simple and Continuous

Present tenses

Question formation

Relative clauses

Reported speech/ Indirect speech

Second conditional

Short answers page – NEW PAGE

Simple Past games/ worksheets – See Past Simple above

Simple Past/ Present Perfect – See Present Perfect and Simple Past above

Subject questions

Superlative adjectives games/ worksheets page – NEW PAGE

Tense reviews

There is/ are/ was/ were

They are – See It is/ They are above

Third conditional

Third person S

This/ that/ these/ those

Time expressions games, worksheets, stories and songs

Unreal past

Verb patterns

Want/ Want to

Zero conditional

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2 Responses to All grammar games/ activities pages A to Z

  1. gwenellyn says:

    At this website:, there is something about Incy – wincy spider. Are you meaning to refer to Itsy-bitsy spider (climbed up the water spout…) or is this a different children’s poem you are referring to?

  2. alexcase says:

    Same thing, but might be the British version as the British Council site has Incy Wincy Spider the same as I sing it:

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