Solutions to poverty discussion and reading

with practice of the language of trends 

Discuss Japanese trends in the topics below in pairs. One person should choose one topic below and discuss the past, present and future changes, then the other person give their views on what was said.

Salaries/ Bonuses

Chances of promotion for women/ Equal opportunities




Job security

Company pension schemes

Working hours

Unpaid overtime

The consumer price index (= Inflation)

Casual jobs – Permanent jobs

The age of retirement


The stock market

Unemployment (e.g. for one particular age group)

The long-term unemployed

Residential property prices

Commercial property prices

Income tax

VAT (= Value Added Tax)

Corporate tax

Government debt

Consumer debt

Rate of bankruptcies

Imports – Exports/ The balance of trade

Consumer confidence

The number of people investing in the stock market

The number of IPOs



Social mobility

Discuss the last three as a class. What are the possible solutions to those problems?


What solutions of these kinds can you think of?





Which of those solutions are best?


What do you think about these solutions?

Financial solutions

Taxing the rich

Income transfers (= The government giving money to poor families)


Educational solutions

A pupil premium (= Giving more money to schools which have more students from poor families)

Giving schools a mission to increase social mobility

More streaming (= dividing students by ability) in state schools

Restricting private education

Starting school earlier

Starting school later

Focusing on pre-school children


Parenting solutions

Parenting lessons

Discouraging poor families from having more children


(Optional – Rank the ideas above)


Find things above that are mentioned in the text below and summarise what is said about each one. Not all of the things above are mentioned. 

Which one does the author think is a priority? 

What do you think about the author’s conclusions?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: solutions to poverty discussion reading

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