Weekends Advantages and disadvantages

Choose one of the possible ways to spend a weekend below. You should list the advantages of the thing you chose, and your partner should list the disadvantages. Take turns, with the first person to run out of ideas losing that round.

hang out with your friends in a park

play board games

have a lie in

a match

a daytrip

a weekend away

a long weekend

DIY/ decorating

a drive

a walk


tidy your room/ flat/ house

clean your room/ flat/ house



do the shopping

go shopping

window shopping

go out for a drink

eat out

buy a take out


a date

blind date

channel hopping

laze around

stay out all night

a coach trip

high school reunion


art gallery




car maintenance


second job

part time job



PDF for easy saving and printing: WeekendsAdvantagesDisadvantages

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