Advantages Disadvantages Guess the job

Natural English Intermediate Unit 6

Choose one of the jobs below and give the advantages and disadvantages of the job until your partner guesses which one it is

Useful languageThe main/ The great/ The advantage/ disadvantage is…A great/ major advantage/ disadvantage is…Another advantage/ disadvantage is…However/ On the other hand…


Plumber              Factory worker                  Secretary/ PA

Geography teacher                         Solicitor/ barrister/ attorney/ lawyer

Judge/ magistrate             Homemaker/ housewife/ househusband

Fire-fighter (=fireman)                     Police officer (= policeman)

Spy/ secret agent                            Farmer                Bus driver

Receptionist                      Shop assistant                  Private tutor

Air hostess (= air stewardess, flight attendant or cabin crew)    Security guard/ bouncer

Lecturer/ professor                         Nanny/ au pair/ babysitter                             Office worker

Businessman                    Bank clerk                         Banker

Director/ executive                          (Middle) manager                            Accountant

GP/ doctor/ surgeon         CEO/ managing director                 Masseur

Nurse/ midwife                   Busker/ street performer                 Playwright/ screenwriter

Newsreader                       Cameraman                      Photographer

National politician/ PM/ MP/ senator/ congressman     Director/ producer

Local politician/ local councillor/ mayor         Lab assistant (= laboratory technician)

Door to door salesman                   Vet/ veterinarian

Baker/ pastry chef                           Cook/ chef/ kitchen hand                Butcher

Barber/ hairdresser/ stylist              Builder/ bricklayer                           Carpenter

Cycle courier/ motorcycle courier    Chambermaid

Electrician                         Gardener/ landscape gardener                    Bell boy/ porter

Mechanic                          Estate agent                     Tailor

Travel agent                     Lorry driver/ truck driver                  Zoo keeper

Psychologist                      Psychiatrist                       Private detective

Care worker/ carer                          Bin man/ garbage disposal man

Market trader                    Television presenter                       Hotelier/ hotel manager

Continue playing a guessing game, but this time asking each other Y/ N questions.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Advantages Disadvantages Guess the job

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