Describing photos Your weekend

Natural English Intermediate Unit 11

The three spaces below are for photos from your weekend which you are going to describe. You can put real photos there, sketch a photo, or just describe the photo from memory. If you can’t think of three real photos, think of three important times and describe photos that could have been taken then. 


Useful language for describing photos

In/ Near the top/ bottom right/ left hand corner

At/ Near the top/ bottom

On the (far) right/ left

In the centre/ middle

In the background/ In the distance- In the foreground

It was taken in a park/ a studio/ a photo booth

It was taken at a birthday party/ a wedding

It was taken by a passerby / a professional photographer/

It was taken with a digital camera/ a film camera/ an instamatic camera/ a mobile phone (= cellphone) / a tripod/ flash/ a telephoto lens/ zoom/

It shows…

This (thing/ person) is…

As you can see,…

It’s difficult to see but…/ If you look (really) closely…

You can’t tell from the photo, but…/

It looks/ looks like, but…


(Deliberately) out of focus/ Soft focus

Red eye

Black and white- Colour

A head and shoulders shot/ A portrait/ An action shot/ A passport photo/ A close up/ A school photo/ A wedding photo/ A graduation photo/ A group photo/ A (formal) family photo

It’s been trimmed/ photoshopped/ blown up

A pose

It was printed/ developed…

The negative


It’s on Flickr/ Picasa (= photo sharing sites)

It’s on Facebook/ My Space (= social networking site)

I keep it in my wallet/ in my purse/ in an album

I had it framed (and display it…)

It’s my profile picture


PDF for easy saving and printing: WeekendSpeakingPhotos

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