Adverbs of manner sentence completion game

Choose some of the adverbs below and write true sentences about yourself, e.g. “I swim                                          strongly

I ____________________________________________       _____________

I ____________________________________________       _____________

I ____________________________________________       _____________

I ____________________________________________       _____________

I ____________________________________________       _____________

angrily- calmly                                                            willingly- unwillingly

perfectly- imperfectly                                                 terribly- fantastically

thoroughly (= completely- incompletely)                 powerfully- weakly

noisily (= loudly) – quietly (= peacefully)                  shyly

nervously- confidently                                                passionately- coldly

easily                                                                                        carefully- carelessly

anxiously- calmly                                                                     beautifully

messily (= untidily) – tidily (= neatly)                         violently- gently

excessively (= too much)                                                        hard- softly

fast (= quickly= rapidly) – slowly                              well- badly

loosely- tightly                                                            honestly- deceitfully

lazily- energetically                                                                  forcefully

truthfully                                                                       successfully- unsuccessfully

thoughtfully                                                                               enthusiastically

stylishly                                                                       smartly- casually/ scruffily

safety- dangerously (= unsafely)                              seriously

cautiously                                                                                 fluently

accurately- inaccurately                                            elegantly- inelegantly

reluctantly (unhappily) – happily                               politely- rudely (= impolitely)

confidently                                                                                skilfully

kindly                                                                                        roughly- gently

intelligently- stupidly                                                                proudly

formally- casually (= informally)

Read the first part of your sentence to your partner, without giving them the adverb. Can they guess which adverb is true for you?


Useful language to play the game:“That’s also true, but that’s not the adverb I wrote””(You are/ That is) close/ near!””That’s right. You’ve got it””It’s your turn. (Can you read out one of your sentences?)”

“It’s the opposite of that”

Key- A dash (-) means opposite, an equals mark (=) means it means the same, and a forward slash (/) means the meaning is similar


PDF for easy saving and printing:Adverbs sentence completion

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