Colours vocabulary and trends practice

Objective IELTS Intermediate Unit 14

Choose one of the things below and describe the past, present and future trends without saying the name. Does your partner agree?

  • Accessories matching clothes
  • Artificial food colouring
  • Black cars
  • Black clothes
  • Black make up
  • Black suit with white shirt
  • Bright colours on clothes to improve road safety
  • Brightly coloured cars
  • Brightly coloured clothes
  • Brightly coloured dyed hair (e.g. a “purple rinse” for old ladies)
  • Brightly coloured furniture
  • Brightly coloured houses
  • Brightly coloured make up
  • Brightly coloured socks
  • Brightly coloured ties
  • Cars with metallic paint
  • Changes in the colour of sports teams’ kits (= uniforms)
  • Coloured contact lenses
  • Colours other than black at a funeral
  • Dark furniture and furnishings
  • Different colours of business shirt
  • Different colours of business suit
  • Different colours of lipstick
  • Dramatic sunsets
  • Dyed blond hair
  • Dyed ginger hair
  • Dyed hair
  • Dyeing grey hair
  • Grey suits
  • Light furniture and furnishings
  • Matching the colour of your phone and your clothes or accessories
  • Naturally coloured hair
  • Old people wearing bright colours
  • Other colours of wedding dress
  • Pink for men
  • Showing natural grey hair
  • Superstitious colours
  • Taboos about particular colours
  • Tinted car windows
  • Using English words to describe colours while speaking my language
  • White cars
  • White wedding dresses
  • Wigs
  • Wives choosing their husband’s clothes


PDF for easy saving and printing: Colours vocabulary and trends practice

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