Complaining and Leaving Home roleplays

Cutting Edge Advanced Module 7


Choose the easiest or most interesting situation below, divide the roles between you, and have that conversation. Then switch to another.

Ask your boss to move departments because you can’t stand the person sitting next to you

Demand your money back from an alternative therapist because it hasn’t worked

Make a complaint about a male chauvinist (= sexist) boss to his boss

Complain about the people that a dating agency has set you up with and demand your money back

Complain about your boarding school and try to persuade your parents to take you home

Tell your parents why you are leaving home at the age of 18

Complain about compulsory military service to your MP and ask them to introduce a bill scrapping the system

Complain to your parents that all your friends are going abroad for a gap year but you don’t have the money


Discussion questions

What are the options for the person in the last situation?

What do you think about becoming an au pair? What do you think the experience would be like?

What do you think boarding school is like?

How was military service in the UK before it was scrapped (in 1961)? How do you think it was similar and different to your country?


PDF version for easy printing: Complaining leaving home roleplays

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