Continuous aspect grammar presentation

Cutting Edge Advanced Module 1

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

 Everywhere you go nowadays people seem to be speaking English

 I am worried that so many languages in the world are disappearing

 Every city centre in the world seems the same these days

 Old buildings are being pulled down in my city and replaced by ugly new ones

 I’m sure another shopping mall is coming somewhere near here soon

 My city is changing faster than it ever has before

 When I was growing up there were no fast food chains in my town

 Advertisers are always trying to sell us something new that we don’t need

 In thirty years’ time I don’t suppose anyone in my country will be wearing traditional dress anymore

 Recently the government has been taking measures to preserve the more traditional parts of town, but it isn’t enough

Why is a continuous or simple verb form used in each of the sentences above?

Can you change each of them to the other form? If you can, how does it change the meaning?


PDF version for easy printing: continuous aspect grammar presentation

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