Offers in business practice

Business Result Intermediate Unit 6

Roleplay one of the following situations, including several offers in your exchange. The replies to the offers should include some saying yes and some saying no. You might need to discuss what your roles are before you start speaking.  

  • During a tour of your workplace
  • At the airport
  • In the cafeteria
  • In the kitchen area
  • In a bar
  • In a restaurant
  • At a vending machine
  • At a drinks machine
  • At the beginning of a meeting
  • At the end of a meeting
  • During a phone call
  • During a teleconference
  • In an email
  • In the smoking area
  • At the end of the working day (when you are both getting ready to go home)
  • At a trade fair
  • When planning a party to launch something
  • During your presentation
  • When planning a project
  • When introducing some new office technology
  • In a job interview
  • When dealing with a blind visitor
  • When dealing with a visitor in a wheelchair

Change roles and do the same other situations (the ones above or your own ideas).


PDF for easy saving and printing: Offers in business Business Result Int Unit 6

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