Whose…? possessive adjectives drawing game

Choose one of your things in the classroom like your shoe or your bag, draw it on blank A3 paper and say “This is my…” to get one point. Other people will then draw their own thing of the same kind and say “This is my shoe”, “This is my bag”, etc to get one point. They don’t get one point if they have to say “I don’t have…” or “I can’t draw…” 

Do the same for your things not in the classroom now such as one of the things on the next page below.

Do the same by choosing one thing below without looking, by taking one card or choosing one number.

Choose one of the pictures on your paper or someone else’s paper, draw it, and ask “Whose… is this?” for your partners to answer “It’s your…”, “It’s my…”, “It’s his…” or “It’s her…” (or “It’s yours”, “It’s mine”, “It’s hers” or “It’s his”).

Choose one of the people on your paper or someone else’s paper, draw just one part such as a nose or an eye, and ask “Whose… is this?” for the other students to point at the right picture and guess “It’s his eye”, “It’s her mouth”, etc.


SPEC 1 vocabulary


1.     brother



2.     brush



3.     bus driver



4.     comb



5.     cup



6.     eraser



7.     father



8.     grandfather



9.     grandmother



10.  house



11.  mirror



12.  mother



13.  pen



14.  pencil case



15.  pet



16.  ruler



17.  sister



18.  teacher



19.  toothbrush



20.  towel



Other vocabulary



21.  aunt



22.  bag



23.  ball



24.  baseball bat



25.  bed



26.  bicycle



27.  cat



28.  coat



29.  cousin



30.  desk



31.  doll



32.  dress



33.  great-grandfather


34.  great-grandmother


35.  hat



36.  nose



37.  notebook



38.  pen



39.  pencil



40.  pet



41.  shoe



42.  skirt



43.  sock



44.  teddy bear



45.  T-shirt



46.  uncle







PDF for easy saving and printing: whose possessives drawing games SPEC 1

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