SPEC games/ worksheets

Supplementary materials for the Shane Primary English Course 1, 2 and 3. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 30 October 2020

Photocopiable SPEC 1 supplementary materials

Colours, numbers and classroom objects pick and draw (SPEC 1 Units 3 and 4)

Are you…? hangman (SPEC 1 Unit 9) – NEW

Is it…? Is it a…? nouns and adjectives with be games (including drawing and guessing)

Whose…? possessive adjectives drawing games

Classroom prepositions flashcard games

Are they… or…? TPR games

Are they… or…? drawing games (SPEC 1 Unit 20)

First letter phonics miming game

Feelings and nouns pick and draw drawing game

Feelings drawing games (with a and an)

It is/ They are run and touch

They are initial letter and categories pelmanism

They are Word recognition pelmanism

They are phonics pelmanism

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Photocopiable SPEC 2 supplementary materials

This that these those pick and draw drawing game

Does he/ she like pick and draw drawing game

How many are there and ordinal numbers hangman (SPEC 2 Units 10 and 12)

Is there/ Are there and ordinal numbers hangman (SPEC 2 Units 10 and 14)

Does he/ she/ it have drawing and coin games (SPEC 2 Unit 20)

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Photocopiable SPEC 3 supplementary materials

Which is plus comparative drawing game

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