SPEC games/ worksheets

Supplementary materials for the Shane Primary English Course 1, 2 and 3. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 12 July 2020

Photocopiable SPEC 1 supplementary materials

Colours, numbers and classroom objects pick and draw (SPEC 1 Units 3 and 4) – NEW LINK

Is it…? Is it a…? nouns and adjectives with be games (including drawing and guessing) – NEW

Whose…? possessive adjectives drawing games – NEW

Classroom prepositions flashcard games

Are they… or…? TPR games

Are they… or…? drawing games (SPEC 1 Unit 20)

First letter phonics miming game

Feelings and nouns pick and draw drawing game

Feelings drawing games (with a and an)

It is/ They are run and touch

They are initial letter and categories pelmanism

They are Word recognition pelmanism

They are phonics pelmanism

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Photocopiable SPEC 2 supplementary materials

This that these those pick and draw drawing game

Does he/ she like pick and draw drawing game

Does he/ she/ it have drawing and coin games (SPEC 2 Unit 20) – NEW

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Photocopiable SPEC 3 supplementary materials

Which is plus comparative drawing game

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