Opposites games, songs, worksheets and stories

Updated 24 February 2016

Opposites pdf classroom activities

Opposites hangman spelling and guessing game (with big list of basic opposites and opposites tennis warmer game) – NEW

Adjective opposites stations

Big and small classroom objects pictionary

Make the noise of transport plus adjective

Meetings on the topic of problems (with adjective opposites)

Opposites songs

Open Shut Them and Opposites on Super Simple Songs (with good TPR actions)

Opposites opposites, like different is to same song (students can try to think of the opposites before they flash up, hopefully in real time after a couple of attempts)

Sesame Street opposites song

Books/ Stories on the topic of opposites

Opposites by Robert Crowther (with great sliding bits and pictures which really make the meaning clear)

Are Elephants Tiny? (quite high level words like narrow and wide)

Is it Dark? Is it Light? (plus loads of other opposites, some quite high level, with a good ending)

Fast Slow High Low by Peter Spier (with a funny back page where they are all wrong)

Quiet Loud, Yummy Yucky, and Big Little by Leslie Patricelli (only those two opposites in each book, but lots of useful nouns too)

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