MyStoryMaker EFL worksheets

Put the instructions in order then check on the site.


A)      To begin a new page, click next page

B)      To erase, drag off book

C)      Change a character’s feelings, actions and interactions

D)      Click icons to choose characters, items, objects and settings

E)      To move, click and drag

F)       To erase all objects, click clear

G)      Click on me for help with your story. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

H)      To drop objects, click object

I)          To write in your story, click and type

J)        To go to other pages, click a page

K)      To preview your book, click preview

L)       To save and print, click end

Brainstorm typical fairytale elements into the categories below

Characters Actions Items Scenery objects Settings


Put the following words into the right categories above, then check as you make a story on the site.

(Sailing) ship                                               Alien                                 Astronaut

Broom                                                          Bucket                Cactus

Cage                                                            Cast a spell                      Castle

Cauldron                                                      Cave                                 Cheer

Cottage                                                        Defeat                              Desert

Dinosaur                                                      Dragon               Fox

Genie                                                            Ghost                                In a castle

In a cave                                                       In a corridor                      Inside a room

Knight                                                           Lamp                                Leafy tree

Magic wand                                                 Mermaid                           On the moon

Palm tree                                                     Pirate                                Platform

Rescue                                           Ride                                  Roar

Rub                                                               Scientist                           Shake

Shell                                                              Spade/ Shovel   Swing

Sword                                                           Telescope                        Treasure chest

Trumpet                                                        UFO                                  Underwater

Wave                                                            Well                                   Winter tree



PDF version for easy printing: OnlineStorytellingWorksheets

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