Meetings language Reversi

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Units 1 and 7


Right, shall we get started?—————————————————————————-

Right, shall we get down to business?


 Let me start by welcoming you to Seattle.


To start with, I’d like to say what a pleasure it is to welcome you to Seattle.


 Could you get that down on paper and send it to me by Friday?


Can I have that in writing by the end of the week?


 Does anyone have anything to add before we bring the meeting to a close?


Are there any final points to make before we wrap things up?


 Did you have a good journey?


Did you have any trouble getting here?


 Thank you for coming here on such a cold day.


Thank you for braving the elements to come here today.


To recap what we’ve agreed, your side will meet them at the airport and our side will show them round the factory.—————————————————————————-

In summary, your side has agreed to meet them at the airport and we have agreed to show them round the factory.

 I’ll have to check that with my colleagues and get back to you.


I’ll have to confirm that with my team before I can let you know for sure.


 That seems reasonable.


That sounds acceptable.




 The next point on the agenda is entertainment for our guests


Let’s move on and talk about where to take the visitors to relax


 What do you think about hiring an interpreter?


How do you feel about paying someone to interpret?


 Do we need to consider seating positions at dinner?


Perhaps we should think about who sits where while we eat



What order would you use the stages above in a meeting?


What do you think the topic of the meeting is?


Read the case study on pages 60/61 to check.


Using language like that above, hold a meeting to decide the ten points on the agenda.


PDF version for easy printing: meetings lang reversi

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