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Olympics mascots lesson

A great lesson for students who are interested in the Olympics but not necessarily the actual sport. The two things that I did were: – Take in a mix of real and fake/ joke Olympics mascots for them to work out which are which. … Continue reading

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More Olympics worksheets and teaching ideas

Here’s the new stuff: Article Olympics Ideas Two: Beyond sports Worksheets General meanings of sporting words Sports idioms Improving the Olympics Debates on the topic of sport Explaining sports speaking game Mini-presentations on the topic of sport Olympics statistics pairwork … Continue reading

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Teaching English for sport/ English through sport

As there’s this little thing which I will be calling the Lundun ‘Lympics* coming up, have been working on some ideas for it. Part one is this article, including how to link almost any grammar point in with it: How … Continue reading

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My sports worksheets

Someone tells me there is some kind of sports event happening soon, so thought I may as well put links to all my relevant materials in one place. A mix of stuff originally used with young learners and adults – … Continue reading

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My football and World Cup teaching ideas

If you’ve seen my Xmas teaching ideas and worksheets on UsingEnglish, this is similar but for the “international festival of football”, with lots of ideas of how to tie the topic into the things that are already in your textbook … Continue reading

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(T)EFL football links

After yesterday’s England match I’ll be avoiding the World Cup in class, in conversation and on TV at least until we are out of it (shouldn’t be long!), but here is the list of links I came up with in … Continue reading

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New stuff

The EFL Dictionary of Football is up to I and still lots of fun- get involved and add your own favourite idioms (“nutmeg” is already in, but haven’t decided about “park the bus” yet) Other worksheets and articles: Classroom language for … Continue reading

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World Cup bonanza on

Or at least there will be a flurry of teaching ideas and worksheets when I get Part One out of the way, which is an EFL Dictionary of Football Words and Expressions. I partly got stuck on this because I hadn’t realised … Continue reading

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