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How I accidentally became a TEFL scab

Getting back to work has been a very mixed bag for me here in Japan. On my regular Sundays I was down for the youngest and lowest level students who couldn’t really study online, so that was cancelled. Almost all … Continue reading

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TEFL as often private education- often good or often bad?

Or actually, it is perhaps better to ask “often better or often worse”, as we can only choose from the options we have available (as in my usual Dip post obs litany “Yes, you can criticise my lesson, Ms DELTA … Continue reading

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Who do you feel solidarity with?

This is prompted by comments on my How can we increase TEFL pay? post and Sara Hannam’s TEFL unions/ solidarity post, and also by the feeling that it is one thing getting stumped for an answer to “1, 2, 3, 4, what … Continue reading

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How can we increase TEFL pay?

The question in the last blog post “Does better pay lead to better teaching?” seems more or less agreed on- maybe, but probably less so than other ways of investing that money and anyway we can never prove it well enough … Continue reading

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Maybe we should riot too

…sometimes it’s the only way for us barely-working classes to get any attention. The French and Russian revolutions may have been tragic for many people in those countries, but they were a godsend for the bargaining power of us prols … Continue reading

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TEFL scabs

Seems that there is an interesting TEFL strike story going on right on my doorstep that I hadn’t even heard about, including loads of juicy controversy. You can see the recent open letter by the leader of the Berlitz strike … Continue reading

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