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How I accidentally became a TEFL scab

Getting back to work has been a very mixed bag for me here in Japan. On my regular Sundays I was down for the youngest and lowest level students who couldn’t really study online, so that was cancelled. Almost all … Continue reading

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Can performance-related pay work in TEFL?

EF think so. The way they do it with young learner teachers in China is explained here: Kids performance management system What do you think of the concept? You can also see all their videos here if you are thinking … Continue reading

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Interview- TEFL Hero Jon Marks on the life of a full-time TEFL writer

It’s been a while since I’ve used the TEFL hero category, and I’ve even stripped some people of the honour (and Sandy MacManus has been pretty close a couple of times), but I’m glad I kept it going because Jon Marks deserves it for … Continue reading

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Karenne on The Industry- Interview Part Three

An Interview with Karenne of Kalinago English, part 3 What are your predictions for the future of TEFL?   Difficult. There are radical changes going on in education, in general, globally. The TEFL industry will either catch up on some … Continue reading

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TEFL as often private education- often good or often bad?

Or actually, it is perhaps better to ask “often better or often worse”, as we can only choose from the options we have available (as in my usual Dip post obs litany “Yes, you can criticise my lesson, Ms DELTA … Continue reading

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Who do you feel solidarity with?

This is prompted by comments on my How can we increase TEFL pay? post and Sara Hannam’s TEFL unions/ solidarity post, and also by the feeling that it is one thing getting stumped for an answer to “1, 2, 3, 4, what … Continue reading

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Money saving tips for TEFLers

As we don’t seem to have made all TEFLers better paid just by blogging about it (what is wrong with this world???), here are some tips I have been collecting from other teachers and TEFL blogs and forums over the … Continue reading

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How can we increase TEFL pay?

The question in the last blog post “Does better pay lead to better teaching?” seems more or less agreed on- maybe, but probably less so than other ways of investing that money and anyway we can never prove it well enough … Continue reading

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Does better pay really lead to better teaching?

I’m not talking about schools offering better pay and therefore being able to recruit better teachers, because if the whole industry got the standards that we occasionally demand that wouldn’t work. What I want to discuss is a school giving its … Continue reading

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Why I'm not annoyed by the TEFL dossers

A brief recent clash with Jason Renshaw over whether something is rotten in the state of TEFL (my answer- yes, but no worse than the rest of this crazy world), reminded me of our only other disagreement about what he called … Continue reading

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