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Guardian still up to their TEFL advertorial tricks

I’d just finished a story on the end of Guardian TEFL Update for TEFL News via TEFLnet when into my inbox popped a Google alert for a piece in that very same paper called How to Choose a TEFL Course That’s Right For … Continue reading

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TEFL news roundup 9 Jun 2011

The Guardian are back to their worst TEFL advertorial tricks, only now the TEFL section has disappeared it’s moved to careers. This time possibly tops them all, with their usual advertorial writer from TEFL England (spin off from tacky marketing … Continue reading

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A fireside chat with Sandy McManus

He’s been the most famous/ notorious online TEFL figure for around five years, and the age of Twitter doesn’t seem to have calmed him down at all. In this exclusive TEFLtastic interview, Sandy shows his sensitive side

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Guardian TEFL fades away

Looking at the pages of Education Guardian, there are four much loved (and for some reason also much hated) letters that have recently gone missing, and those letters are T,E,F and L. The Guardian TEFL pages still exist, but I don’t … Continue reading

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How to really improve the standard of TEFL courses

The Guardian reports (uncritically, as ever when it comes to TEFL) on the setting up of yet another organisation meant to, apparently, boost the standards of TEFL in the UK- this one called The Association for the Promotion of Quality … Continue reading

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TEFL links of the month April 09

Bondage as a common TEFL advertising theme from Gaba in Japan and EF in China, from More on Weirdo Language School Ads– The Atlantic “Spaced learning” (nothing to do with drugs, despite the name) and other new teaching methods that … Continue reading

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It’s all down to us, guys

If I heard correctly, last week’s edition of Law in Action included the statistic that 43 of 44 police authorities in the UK do not investigate or prosecute fraud. There are other bodies that do, but they focus very much … Continue reading

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TEFL by numbers Feb 2008

78 pounds How much capital you need to set up an English school in Ho Chi Minh City. Wouldn’t rush out there to set up your own, though, as there are already 474 (!) registered language schools there. At least … Continue reading

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Craptus TEFL and the Guardian are up to their tricks again

“It’s also worth remembering that in some places in the world your online certificate will actually be enough to get you work. These tend to be places where there is a huge demand for teachers, and where any Tefl qualification … Continue reading

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Interview- Jason West Dishes on Guardian Languages and Sets the TEFL World to Rights!

It’s a great interview, stimulating, controversial, and full of TEFL insider tidbits. So many ideas did the CEO of English Out There have, in fact, that it takes a good 10 minutes to read. Please feel free to leave questions … Continue reading

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