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Interview- TEFL Hero Jon Marks on the life of a full-time TEFL writer

It’s been a while since I’ve used the TEFL hero category, and I’ve even stripped some people of the honour (and Sandy MacManus has been pretty close a couple of times), but I’m glad I kept it going because Jon Marks deserves it for … Continue reading

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The most TEFLtastic attempts at humour in 2009

Wasn’t a great year for humour on TEFLtastic (must be taking my job seriously in my old age?!), but I did manage my most successful spoof yet, if not quite up to the standard of UN to Ban Unnecessary Languages: Don’t Do the … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc October 2009

Chuseok holiday came just at the right point for me, so for once you can actually read my articles in the month which they are supposed to be for: Natural Interactions (in HLT magazine for the first time in many … Continue reading

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Breasts in ELT

And you thought Sexy ELT was an attention grabbing blog post title! This post was prompted by the infamous Bosomgate incident and agreeing to censor the word “tits” in my contribution to the Birds in ELT series on Kalinago English. … Continue reading

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Has the TEFL blogging zeitgeist changed?

Posting those hilarious highlights from English Teacher X and contrasting When I Am a TEFL Billionaire Part One and Part Two has made me wonder whether something fundamental has changed in the last 562* blogging years that TEFLtastic has been … Continue reading

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How much are you like your house party self online?

Karenne’s comment that I was missing out on the Twitter party and my reply that I had never been any good at house parties has got me wondering whether the metaphor can be taken any further (because you can never … Continue reading

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How to choose a good summer school

If teaching is more important than saving money or accommodation being included, the first thing to do when choosing a summer school is to avoid actual summer schools altogether. If I was in the same position of looking for a … Continue reading

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Two new ways of blacklisting schools

As I’ve worked for the school in these two links I can tell you that the changes in technology certainly haven’t improved on the usual TEFL blacklisting accuracy (although they can’t be much worse than Sandy’s recent accusations of a … Continue reading

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7 things you probably didn’t know about me

1. Dave Sperling still owes me ten Euros he borrowed off me at the TESOL Spain conference 2. The EF school in Eastbourne had the alternative word for the “F” part of its sign that me and my friends graffitied … Continue reading

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Bruce Veldhuisen interview Part Three- TEFL and TI update

Hi Bruce, welcome back to TEFLtastic. It’s a shame we never get anyone from TEFL International contributing to when it isn’t connected to teacher training. Let me know if any of your trainers are interested in writing book reviews … Continue reading

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