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Ten blogs that are dead (to TEFL) but are still worth reading

I’ve been nominated by a couple of people to take part in‘vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’. This translates as “Try to find ten blogs that no one has nominated yet, like a birthday boy who is having … Continue reading

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And the funniest TEFL blog award goes to…

There are a suprising number of TEFL blogs that make me giggle but now that Chase Me Ladies is no longer TEFLing, the TEFLtastic prize for funniest TEFL blog will probably have to go to English Teacher X. Like all … Continue reading

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TEFLtastic policy document and manifesto

Having been attacked by another person who has worked in a national university in Japan (what is wrong with these people- too much time on their hands or no one to talk to because the Japanese staff freeze them out??), … Continue reading

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