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Make Me Say Yes game (TEFLtastic classics Part 30)

Updated 7 February 2020 The simplest game in the world – students get one point each time they can make their partners say “Yes” in answer to a personal Yes/ No question like “Can you swim?” and “Have you got any … Continue reading

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Two nice new activities for mixed future tenses

Along with the fact the authors have done boring stuff like workbooks so I don’t have to, what I most like about teaching with textbooks is the challenge of trying to come up with activities to tie together with whatever … Continue reading

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Games and activities for a "meet the foreigner" class

Someone I know is going to be involved in something that I know happens a lot but I’ve seen very little written about- when someone, usually not a teacher, is asked to come into a class to give the students a chance … Continue reading

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New game-like worksheets March 2010 Part Two

Worksheet for MyStoryMaker online storytelling (see Sean Banville’s blog for more details on using that site) Company buffet meeting (if they can talk about food, they can do the language of meetings- with a little bit of culture sprinkled on top) … Continue reading

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New TEFLtastic worksheets Feb 2010 Part One

Your city and life Add the quantifiers speaking Next weekend and future tenses Describing objects 20 questions and extended speaking A report on weekends- Language of generalisation or phonics picture flashcards ee phonics picture flashcards Writing reports in English useful … Continue reading

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Extended speaking tasks (TEFLtastic classics Part One)

Updated 8 September 2018 Activities in which one student speaks while others listen carefully – something that is at least as important as more interactive tasks like roleplays, especially from Intermediate level. Most worksheets linked to below are also useable with the … Continue reading

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Something for post-weekend

Inspired by the song “Something for the Weekend” by Divine Comedy, a list of all my talking about the weekend worksheets for Monday (or even Tuesday) lessons. No time to hyperlink them properly before Monday as I spent the time … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and teaching ideas Dec 08

15 ways to learn students’ names LINK UPDATED 15 more fun ways to practice the Past PerfectLINK UPDATED 15 fun ways to practice third and mixed conditionalsLINK UPDATED 15 more ways of eliciting vocabulary LINK UPDATED 15 fun ways to practice will … Continue reading

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The best end of term revision games

One way of finishing the term is with Xmas-themed stuff (see the post below). Another good one is lots of fun revision games. As I’ve spent a few years teaching students who want to do every page in the book … Continue reading

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Stolen teaching idea of the day

Backwards dialogues Students write a dialogue and then read it out starting with the last line, then the second to last line and last line, then the last three lines etc- working their way towards the beginning of the dialogue until the … Continue reading

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