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Matching Games Part Two – Pelmanism

Updated 11 February 2019 I’ve written a lot about pelmanism/ pairs/ the memory game before. However in the second half of the latest of my ETP articles that started with dominoes, I managed to come up with even more uses and … Continue reading

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Random pelmanism (TEFLtastic classics Part 18)

Updated 21 February 2019 Pelmanism (also called “the memory game” or “pairs”) is the classic TEFL card game in which students try to find matching pairs of cards from the pack spread face down across the table, just as you … Continue reading

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3D pelmanism

Although I’m sure I’m not the first, came up with this more fun variation on pelmanism (also known as pairs or the memory game) when brainstorming things to practise “They are…” Students put their hands into a bag without being … Continue reading

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Snap and pelmanism in EFL classes (TEFLtastic classics Part Seven)

Updated 3 September 2018 I’ve been writing an article on collocation games and perhaps the biggest role of all is played by these two TEFL classics. So I thought that I may as well give the list of related articles and worksheets I … Continue reading

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New stuff

The EFL Dictionary of Football is up to I and still lots of fun- get involved and add your own favourite idioms (“nutmeg” is already in, but haven’t decided about “park the bus” yet) Other worksheets and articles: Classroom language for … Continue reading

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