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New Teaching IELTS Writing e-book

My latest magnus opus provides over 300 pages of stimulating intensive practice of IELTS Academic Writing language, planning techniques and editing of typical mistakes: Teaching IELTS Writing: Interactive Classroom Activities– NEW As usual, buying a copy not only gives you … Continue reading

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Chain writing/ Consequences (TEFLtastic classics Part 17)

Like most of the games in this occasional series of mine, this is a well-known TEFL game and the main reason I’m the one writing about it is that I’m the one who has probably (over) exploited it more than anyone else… It’s … Continue reading

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Email games and other worksheets

Emailing and telephoning games will be the topics of my next Modern English Teacher article or two, so I’ve been polishing up my email pages while I try to remember what games I use. I’ve added a few more worksheets, … Continue reading

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New game-like worksheets March 2010 Part Two

Worksheet for MyStoryMaker online storytelling (see Sean Banville’s blog for more details on using that site) Company buffet meeting (if they can talk about food, they can do the language of meetings- with a little bit of culture sprinkled on top) … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc June 2009

Here is this month’s supply, perfect for reading while your students do their end of term tests: Using with EFL young learner classes (a great way of doing dialogue writing etc, with link to worksheet) 18 fun activities on … Continue reading

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New photocopiable worksheets May 2009

These ones on Timetable Battleships (telling the time, Present Simple for routines and school subjects- for young learners and beginner adults) Telephoning Communication Breakdowns Roleplays (see my telephoning worksheets for more of the same) Present Simple and Continuous Taboo Topics … Continue reading

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TEFL writing- done and done!

How to make writing fun seems to be a “popular” problem, so here is a list of links I promised someone on the forums: All good TEFLtastic writing fun: Writing games and worksheets Many apologies that most of it … Continue reading

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Those pesky emails are now done!

Trying to find fun stuff to practice emailling in class is one of the banes* of my life, so I think I deserve a little smugness on having come up with a new idea on how to do so. You … Continue reading

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Ask Auntie Alex- Solve all your troubles with TEFL Part Two

After making voting easier and even finally bringing peace to Japanese/ Chinese relations, our resident Agony Aunt is back to use the tools that we learn on our CELTAs to solve problems personal and universal, big and small. Today it’s … Continue reading

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