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My computer corrected me in class!

In one of the schools I work for the computers in the classroom make a strange bing-bong noise when the screensaver starts, one which sounds a lot like the sound that a wrong answer gets in a quiz show. It’s usually … Continue reading

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My new stuff last month

Have just linked to some of this, but if you look at it the glass half full way that means most of it is being mentioned for the first time… Articles Teaching countable and uncountable nouns (almost certainly not the way … Continue reading

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The real reasons everyone will end up using interactive whiteboards

You might be surprised by how resistant the Japanese are to teaching technology. For example, chalkboards are still very common , even in classrooms that have two huge screens and projectors. However, the clever salesmen at Promethean have finally found … Continue reading

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400 Things to do with an Interactive Whiteboard

I’m going to be reviewing a book with this title. A good study tip I learnt from my DELTA tutor is to think about what might be coming up in the book and then read to check, so here are … Continue reading

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The previous generation of whiteboard technology

Most Japanese offices I have worked in (many) have an almost-normal-looking whiteboard that can apparently print out what is written on it via the attached printer. I say apparently, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that was plugged … Continue reading

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A great new way of disciplining students

I’ve just found a great combination of green background and yellow writing on the Interactive Whiteboard that I reckon could have at least the impact that fingernails down the blackboard used to have in the aural sphere. Can’t wait to … Continue reading

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The next generation of interactive whiteboards

As I am a very public unbeliever in IWBs, I was one of the invitees at Promethean’s recent prototype demonstration at their Tokyo office. If it really is available in three to four years as they say it will be, … Continue reading

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15 reasons why an OHP is better than an IWB

Although I am well known as a technology enthusiast*, I have yet to be fully convinced by the time and money that interactive whiteboards take up. I’ve just remembered that I had exactly the same response to overhead projectors, but … Continue reading

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Advantages of being a late adopter

One argument you often hear in the technology in teaching debate is “You’ll all have to use technology in the classroom sooner or later”, to which my reaction is “Fine. If those are the two choices, I’ll take later please”. … Continue reading

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New articles and reviews May 2010

By me 19 ways to make sure students understand your instructions English is everywhere for everyone (Was writing this for English Teaching Professional magazine, but then thought, nah can’t be arsed, so you get to read it here for free … Continue reading

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