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Interview – Big changes at Trinity TESOL

I can’t remember why I ended up looking at the list of Trinity TESOL courses a couple of months ago, but when I did I got the distinct impression that they had expanded since the last time I’d looked. I therefore … Continue reading

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IATEFL recommends Cambridge and Trinity

I also do, if only because that’s what employers ask for. However, I’m not very comfortable about an international teaching association taking such a clear position on which TEFL course to take. From their FAQ: “Do you accredit any courses? … Continue reading

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TEFL diplomas – articles, blog posts, forum threads, FAQs etc

By TEFL diploma I mean (just) the Cambridge Delta and Trinity Dip TESOL. Was sure I’d done a full list of my stuff on the topic at some point, but apparently not, so here it is: FAQs TEFL diploma course FAQs … Continue reading

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Trinity course provider ISIS Tefl joins the online bs party

If only because of how short it is, this is not as bad as the random marketing buzz words with no connection to reality churned out by most newer TEFL courses. However, it is still depressing from a course that has … Continue reading

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Is a TEFL diploma worth more than a relevant MA?

EF in China and most British Council branches think so (though they are both involved in running diploma courses), whereas I don’t know of a single university which would agree (though they are all involved in peddling MAs). I have … Continue reading

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Everybody's at it

I have good memories of my two weeks covering someone’s leave in St Giles Eastbourne, and the fact that they didn’t give me a permanent position and instead left the young me for the likes of EF to employ is … Continue reading

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See comments below for the eventual action on this matter. I’ve been meaning to do a piece of TEFL International for ages, but there are so many differing accounts, including on their own multiple sites and those of their many … Continue reading

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Dumbing Down in EFL?

 A few bits of ELT history that I wasn’t aware of until reading this article  on The Trinity Diploma (then the Trinity College Licentiate Diploma) came first, with the Cert level certificate coming later. Similarly, the original RSA Cert was … Continue reading

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The most overrated things in TEFL Part Two

-Explaining everything you do This a classic example of the limitations of the philosophy of Diploma-level teaching: write your lesson plan on the board (language and human interactions are unpredictable, but your lessons obviously shouldn’t be), explain why you are … Continue reading

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Some new ideas about CPD in ELT

From July’s MET, and now here on my “CPD portfolio”* The aptly named article “CPD” by Keith Harding has some interesting ideas I hadn’t come across like a Self-SWOT Analysis and a snap-shot observation, but the really weighty matters are … Continue reading

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