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Interview with a Marxist TEFLer/ TEFLing Marxist

Interview done by email rather than talking to a Zapatista-style balaclavaed bandit in the jungle (which would’ve been nice), but the results are just as interesting as the always thought provoking Marxist TEFL Group blog, I think you’ll find: “Why define yourself as … Continue reading

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Craptus TEFL and the Guardian are up to their tricks again

“It’s also worth remembering that in some places in the world your online certificate will actually be enough to get you work. These tend to be places where there is a huge demand for teachers, and where any Tefl qualification … Continue reading

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Guardian TEFL wises up

The latest TEFL infomercial from the alleged newspaper the Graudian doesn’t, for once, have a by-line saying it was written by a representative of a TEFL course provider with everything to gain from the industry selling more courses and nothing … Continue reading

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TEFL makes the technology news

… and it’s not because of Interactive Whiteboards- see here for details.

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TEFL rent a quote of the day

From today’s The Independent* ‘“Culturally, China is so different from the UK or any other western country,” says Sarah Wilson, training consultant at Cactus Tefl, which offers tired and pointless comments about TEFL to any newspaper that they publish their … Continue reading

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How TEFL taught me not to trust the Guardian

With my recent troubles with Mr Paul Lowe (see below), there were moments when I wondered who I or other troubled TEFLers could turn to for help. The UK government aren’t interested unless it touches on immigration, and the TEFL … Continue reading

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