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Have Cambridge lost interest in the CELTA and Delta?

I’ve been flicking through the Cambridge English annual review (as you do), and was surprised to find just one very brief mention of the CELTA (in Ukraine “Teachers who complete TKT or CELTA can apply for an exemption from the … Continue reading

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IATEFL recommends Cambridge and Trinity

I also do, if only because that’s what employers ask for. However, I’m not very comfortable about an international teaching association taking such a clear position on which TEFL course to take. From their FAQ: “Do you accredit any courses? … Continue reading

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Bridge TEFL nearly get it right about the CELTA

Bits where they don’t quite get it right in bold: “What is it about the CELTA that makes it so special? For one, the CELTA was one of the first standardized TEFL courses. The University of Cambridge set the bar … Continue reading

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Cambridge CELTA and TEFL International – a comparison

Someone has written to me asking for my general opinion of TEFL International, and as there is so much information on this blog that it is hardly manageable I thought I had to repackage it in some way. This comparison … Continue reading

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Have only just come across this option, but sounds like a good one if you are British: CELTA plus an initial qualification in teaching in the further education sector in the UK, all for as little as 735 pounds. If … Continue reading

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The Association of CELTA-qualified Teachers

Scott Thornbury’s excellent recent post marking 50 years of the course that became the CELTA has prompted me to polish up an old idea of mine that hasn’t been seen since it was deleted off Dave’s ESL Café ten minutes … Continue reading

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Over 99% CELTA pass rate at St Giles International schools

(2011 figures, here) That’ll be another nail in the coffin of the ridiculous “I failed the CELTA because they have to fail a certain number on each course” online moans then…

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Should the CELTA have more about technology in it?

So Gavin Dudeney seems to be arguing in this recent piece of his in the Guardian: No place in class for digital illiterates I just can’t see how more technology in the CELTA could be practical or useful. It’s difficult enough to … Continue reading

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CELTA Course Online now offered by 40 centres

According to this search I just did on the Cambridge ESOL Find Courses page. If that’s true, it’s really come out of nowhere because last time I looked into the matter (which may well have been a while ago, come to think … Continue reading

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Getting an A in the CELTA

I didn’t (and anyway it was the RSA CTEFLA back in my day), so I can add nothing to this person’s very sensible sounding guide based on personal experience: My Experience Getting a CELTA Pass A

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