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Finding a Cambridge Delta local tutor (in Tokyo and worldwide)

I’m just starting work as a local tutor for a distance Delta candidate again, trying to remember what the jargon means etc six years after the last time. Although it’s not exactly lucrative by Japanese standards, I’ve been open to … Continue reading

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Have Cambridge lost interest in the CELTA and Delta?

I’ve been flicking through the Cambridge English annual review (as you do), and was surprised to find just one very brief mention of the CELTA (in Ukraine “Teachers who complete TKT or CELTA can apply for an exemption from the … Continue reading

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TEFL or Tefl?

The latter seems to be becoming more and more common, including in quite serious contexts. I’m none too keen on that, though, because it reminds me much too much of the very un-serious expression “Tefler”, which is only one or two … Continue reading

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IATEFL recommends Cambridge and Trinity

I also do, if only because that’s what employers ask for. However, I’m not very comfortable about an international teaching association taking such a clear position on which TEFL course to take. From their FAQ: “Do you accredit any courses? … Continue reading

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Taking the Cambridge Delta in 2013

There are many caveats about the list below (see the bottom for them), but what I can say is that it is much better than the information available on the actual Cambridge ESOL website, where about 50% of the links … Continue reading

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Cambridge unlikely to go bust

That’s according to the ratings agency Moody’s, so you can feel pretty confident that even if you teach as long and lose your cert as many times as I have, you’ll be able to get another copy from Cambridge and … Continue reading

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Is Cambridge ESOL unwittingly legitimising dodgy courses?

My recent posts have reminded me of three ways in which the name “Cambridge” is being used to sell courses that are actually competing with them: – Websites which are agents for both CELTA courses and others, including maybe their own courses, … Continue reading

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TEFL diplomas – articles, blog posts, forum threads, FAQs etc

By TEFL diploma I mean (just) the Cambridge Delta and Trinity Dip TESOL. Was sure I’d done a full list of my stuff on the topic at some point, but apparently not, so here it is: FAQs TEFL diploma course FAQs … Continue reading

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Bridge TEFL nearly get it right about the CELTA

Bits where they don’t quite get it right in bold: “What is it about the CELTA that makes it so special? For one, the CELTA was one of the first standardized TEFL courses. The University of Cambridge set the bar … Continue reading

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Cambridge CELTA and TEFL International – a comparison

Someone has written to me asking for my general opinion of TEFL International, and as there is so much information on this blog that it is hardly manageable I thought I had to repackage it in some way. This comparison … Continue reading

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