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Finding a Cambridge Delta local tutor (in Tokyo and worldwide)

I’m just starting work as a local tutor for a distance Delta candidate again, trying to remember what the jargon means etc six years after the last time. Although it’s not exactly lucrative by Japanese standards, I’ve been open to … Continue reading

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TESOL International Association set ridiculously low standards for short TEFL courses

God knows something needs to be done to raise the standards of the typical 120-hour-ish TEFL courses that dominate our industry, but TESOL (the larger American version of IATEFL) have quite possibly acheived the opposite with their current attempt. From … Continue reading

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Have Cambridge lost interest in the CELTA and Delta?

I’ve been flicking through the Cambridge English annual review (as you do), and was surprised to find just one very brief mention of the CELTA (in Ukraine “Teachers who complete TKT or CELTA can apply for an exemption from the … Continue reading

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If you want to know how dodgy a TEFL course is, all you usually need to do is look at the accreditation page and look for these typical signs: – Mention of membership of IATEFL (which is available to literally … Continue reading

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Do you really need a degree to TEFL?

And is that right? I really got a bit het up when I realised that someone had got a job and working visa with a degree that they had awarded to themselves , and I even thought about dobbing him … Continue reading

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“The TEFL University” – as dodgy as it sounds?

The founder/ owner of “The TEFL University” seems genuinely keen to give stuff away for free or cheap (including other people’s stuff – see below), but unfortunately I still recommend giving this site and its courses a wide berth. Here … Continue reading

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A hilariously bad TEFL course model lesson plan

Discovered this while researching something else and my jaw just dropped with its awfulness (and I say that as someone who still has to teach with materials made up by random teachers in other branches of my schools). I’ve highlighted … Continue reading

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Free Coursera MOOC for TEFL teachers from 12 May

from the American government and University of Oregon, which certainly sounds pretty impressive. Open to anyone with the technology and who reckons they have the English level to do it: US Department of State to Offer Second Massive Online Course … Continue reading

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Interview – Big changes at Trinity TESOL

I can’t remember why I ended up looking at the list of Trinity TESOL courses a couple of months ago, but when I did I got the distinct impression that they had expanded since the last time I’d looked. I therefore … Continue reading

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The most half-arsed TEFL course website page ever?

There ain’t much of it, so quoted in full just as on the original page: “TESOL Worldwide – Teach English in Palestine Wikipedia article – First two paragraphs – no links. Palestine (Greek: ?a?a?st???, Palaistine; Latin: Palaestina; Hebrew: ???????? Palestina; … Continue reading

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