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New spelling games/ worksheets page

Perhaps because of all that brainwashing in communicative language teaching , it’s taken me 14 years to realise that a page of my spelling PDFs might help students who want to spell properly and teachers who want to help them … Continue reading

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How to remember the spelling of definitely

A student recently refused to believe me when I corrected his spelling of “definately” and then he had a minor breakdown when his iPhone confirmed that he’d been spelling it wrongly for the last five years or so. He didn’t seem … Continue reading

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Surprises about English spelling

More bits and pieces that I didn’t know, had never thought about or had doubts about from The Cambridge Grammar of English: – The reason why you don’t double the p in “developing” is because the previous vowel isn’t stressed. … Continue reading

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More reserch is required

“Is “becuase”, with its 4,950,000 hits on a famous web search engine, the commonest typo in the English language?

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