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New articles and worksheets Sept 2011

Classroom activities to practise planning and paragraphing – LINK FIXED How to teach FCE Use of English Part One What your students need to know about BULATS Writing Part One – LINK FIXED Fun activities for the second conditional Checklist for schools … Continue reading

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Surprises about English punctuation

I’m continuing to learn from and ponder on the information in the Cambridge Grammar of English, and as before testing the matters I’ve been chewing on against your native speaker intuitions would be appreciated (sorry for the very unpleasant mental picture from … Continue reading

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TEFL writing- done and done!

How to make writing fun seems to be a “popular” problem, so here is a list of links I promised someone on the forums: All good TEFLtastic writing fun: Writing games and worksheets Many apologies that most of it … Continue reading

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Believing everything about Hiroshima

A recent editorial from the Asahi Shimbun gives a perfect illustration of the difficulties of teaching English and American academic writing and debating style to Japanese and other Asian students. First of all it does that great Asian almost zen-like trick … Continue reading

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Those pesky emails are now done!

Trying to find fun stuff to practice emailling in class is one of the banes* of my life, so I think I deserve a little smugness on having come up with a new idea on how to do so. You … Continue reading

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