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The (mildly) autistic TEFL teacher

While adding two new articles and a list of useful phrases to my rapidly expanding small talk for EFL learners page, it suddenly struck me how ironic people who know me would find it that I’m teaching small talk, let … Continue reading

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New Xmas worksheets

Updated 12 January 2017 More seasonal cheer for specific language points: Xmas and New Year negotiations – NEW Describing Japanese and British Xmas and New Year – NEW Seasonal trends meetings practice (language of trends tied in with festivals and … Continue reading

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Complete guide to telephoning in different cultures

Three new articles on the topic published this month: British and American phone calls – NEW 50 ways to answer the phone (in English and other languages) – NEW Cultural differences in telephoning – NEW These links and many more … Continue reading

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New telephoning in English resources for students

On top of my new book on English phone calls (Really Learn the Most Useful Emailing Phrases ), have put up a list of the most important language and articles on how to make calls: The 100 most useful telephoning phrases … Continue reading

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TEFLtastic e-book – Really Learn the Most Useful Telephone Phrases

After 20 years in TEFL and more than ten publishing my ideas and worksheets, I’ve finally put together a whole book of materials – and one that goes against almost everything I’ve done so far. First of all, it’s a … Continue reading

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10 beginning and ending emails classroom photocopiables

New page on the most important part of emailing in English, and the point I probably spend most classroom time on, now I’ve realised how pointless (if fun) it is to spend much class time on First Conditional and Past Continuous … Continue reading

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How to remember the spelling of definitely

A student recently refused to believe me when I corrected his spelling of “definately” and then he had a minor breakdown when his iPhone confirmed that he’d been spelling it wrongly for the last five years or so. He didn’t seem … Continue reading

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40 EFL presentation skills classroom activities now easier to find

Many moons ago when I started this blog presentations was just an afterthought for me when teaching the language of meetings, so this page has been hiding in an obscure part of that section for the last seven years or … Continue reading

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How students can improve their fluency

… including things that they can do while and just before speaking, things that they can do while studying on their own, and things they can do with a teacher or conversation partner: 57 ways to improve spoken fluency I’d imagine … Continue reading

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The most important and neglected kind of academic writing?

To my pleasant surprise, about 80% of my academic writing students last term chose “emailing to academic staff” as the most useful thing we covered in that course. The surprise comes from the fact that I’ve never seen it in … Continue reading

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