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Matching Games Part Two – Pelmanism

Updated 11 February 2019 I’ve written a lot about pelmanism/ pairs/ the memory game before. However in the second half of the latest of my ETP articles that started with dominoes, I managed to come up with even more uses and … Continue reading

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New TEFL stuff summer 2018

I had a real TEFL-free summer holiday this year for once, but not a bad haul before and after that. Newest ones that I haven’t mentioned before top of each section. Lists of useful language The 150 most useful Business English … Continue reading

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Emotions vocabulary page much expanded

New article, many new worksheets and flashcards, plus new links to songs and stories here: Feelings vocabulary index page

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New teaching time expressions materials and ideas

I start far too many of my articles with suggestions to teach more of this and less of that, but this time I really really really really really really mean it! Perhaps the most shocking weakness I have found in … Continue reading

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Discuss and agree (TEFLtastic Classics Part 35)

Simplicity itself, and almost infinitely adaptable – students try to come to agreement with the words, phrases, gapped sentences, sentence stems, etc that you give them, making it like an opinions version of Things in Common. Then they try to remember and/ … Continue reading

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Having a Ball: EFL ball games

Another of my articles for ETP on basic TEFL games and their many uses and variations. Not many photocopiables possible for this one, but one example included below.   Although I would put the blocks that I wrote about here … Continue reading

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New TEFL stuff spring 2018 part two

Newest of each kind top of each section. Link to Part One here. New ELT articles How to teach prepositions of time How to teach telling the time in English Teaching ordinal numbers to EFL learners How to teach dates … Continue reading

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New plurals teaching tips, games and pdfs

Not quite sure how I managed to churn out pages of stuff on Present Perfect Continuous and not a single teaching idea or photocopiable on plural nouns in the first ten years of this blog. I kind of feel like blaming Headway, … Continue reading

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Cultural differences and useful phrases (TEFLtastic Classics part 33)

This activity originally started as a solution to a problem with one of my favourite activities, tips and useful phrases. The problem is that students often have no idea what good tips are and so the discussion stage doesn’t always work … Continue reading

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Top 30 pages all polished up

Have expanded and rearranged all my top pages in my continuing quest to make TEFLtastic worth supporting financially. In case you are wondering what those most popular pages are, for the last 3 months they have been: First conditional Passive … Continue reading

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