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EFL textbook editions between editions

Mistakes in EFL textbooks like wrong answer keys and typos are nothing new, though I’d swear they are becoming more common. There has also been a totally new (for me?) variation in the last couple of years: – I’m reading … Continue reading

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Market Leader Intermediate New Edition worksheets

I’m teaching from this book yet again, so have polished up my worksheet pages while trying to remember what I used to do with it. It’s a work in progress, but if you click on any of the unit index … Continue reading

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Kaizen TEFL

I would love to be able to come up with a catchy name or consistent philosophy (like Dogme) for the process that I described in my worksheets post below, but long-winded and random are much more my personal ways of doing things. … Continue reading

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The dreaded last unit

Of all the changes in ELT publishing since I’ve been teaching, the worst has to be the five year plans that lead to a book being launched in August 2012 however ready it is or, more likely, isn’t. A prime example of … Continue reading

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Why are Advanced level textbooks so crap?

I’m not a huge fan of Cutting Hedges, but Cutting Edge Advanced makes me dream of the day when I can get back to New Cutting Edge Int again. Ditto for Headway, which I actually don’t mind until it gets … Continue reading

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This month’s supply of TEFL articles and reviews

Starting with mine, then a selection of others: Thinking Time in ELT Finding a balance in the use of competition Level tests v Placement tests Using Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush in EFL classes (loads of variations, extensions … Continue reading

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Next time a publisher tries to sell you a new textbook

… remind them that there is already a title available that is, according to their own website, ‘Flexible, stimulating, enjoyable, simply PERFECT.’ That’s right, it’s The New Cambridge English Course, still being sold and with its own brand new, funky … Continue reading

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Random ideas 3- English at Home, English Away

This is my idea for a glocal textbook range that I’d be happy to use if anyone else writes it (as I know I’ll never manage anything longer than 3000 words), so am more than happy to just give away. … Continue reading

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EFL and ESOL: worlds apart?

 A guest piece by winner of the TEFLtastic award for most interesting recent blog/ most recent interesting blog, 26 Letters “First, a warning: for the sake of brevity, in this post I’m going to employ ridiculous, sweeping generalisations about adult … Continue reading

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TEFL book reviews online TEFL reviews (also includes paid websites, CD ROMs etc) book reviews Hotchpotch English book reviews (about one title every couple of weeks, including ESP and readers) TESL-EJ (seemingly no way to navigate by category, so need to look … Continue reading

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