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The number one thing to think about when writing reviews

A bit like finding the keys the minute you stop looking for them, my most useful insight into writing reviews came just days after giving up editing them. It also came from totally outside TEFL, now that I finally have … Continue reading

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A new way to do TEFL reviews

After ten years of doing reviews on as basically an online version of what I am used to as a reviewer in MET, I thought it was about time to do something a little different.  I came up with the idea … Continue reading

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Conflicts of interest and disclosure in the age of TEFL online

Given what an incestuous little industry we work in, I’m quite surprised that I rarely if ever read disclosure of links to authors in TEFL reviews. Just to start, with there must be loads of reviewers and writers who: – … Continue reading

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A great review of Complex Systems and Applied Linguistics

… and not only because the reviewer seems to have seen my own reaction to the book as a (failed) scientist by some weird paranormal powers: Complex Systems and Applied Linguistics review by Mark Bain Other great reviews on the … Continue reading

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This month’s supply of TEFL articles and reviews

Starting with mine, then a selection of others: Thinking Time in ELT Finding a balance in the use of competition Level tests v Placement tests Using Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush in EFL classes (loads of variations, extensions … Continue reading

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New articles and reviews May 2010

By me 19 ways to make sure students understand your instructions English is everywhere for everyone (Was writing this for English Teaching Professional magazine, but then thought, nah can’t be arsed, so you get to read it here for free … Continue reading

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Writing and reading

As it says in the article, The Big List of CPD in ELT that I linked a couple of posts ago was inspired by reading the (excellent but somehow difficult to imagine anyone buying) book The Developing Teacher. I originally started … Continue reading

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TEFL book reviews online TEFL reviews (also includes paid websites, CD ROMs etc) book reviews Hotchpotch English book reviews (about one title every couple of weeks, including ESP and readers) TESL-EJ (seemingly no way to navigate by category, so need to look … Continue reading

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Reviewing graded readers

… is tricky, possibly second only to dictionaries in being difficult to write about. You can of course list their component bits (CD, exercises at the back, glossary, illustrations, list of characters) and judgements on them, but the main things … Continue reading

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Development, blogs, books and Japan- An interview with Darren Elliott of Lives of Teachers blog

We all seem to be seeing your name around a lot recently. A masterplan to become the next Thornbury/ trying to keep yourself busy while your wife watches Japanese television/ sleep disorder/ other? I think it takes more than a … Continue reading

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