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Why we really do what we do Part Three- Culture

Finally prompted to continue this series on WWRDWWD by Scott Thornbury’s thought provoking (as ever) piece on Flow, flow being something I’ve been pondering on for a while. I have this strange obsession with making sure all parts of my lesson “flow”, if … Continue reading

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Teaching preschool English links

I’ve done a fair bit of kindy/ kindie/KG/ pre-school/ nursery/ very young learner English teaching  over the years, and I’m doing it full time at the moment for the first time in quite a while, so will be writing about that and … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc April 2009

No messing, no pointless attempts at humour (for once), just links to more serious stuff I’ve been publishing elsewhere: 15 ways of combining listening and reading 15 fun activities for practising a, an and the The 15 best tips for … Continue reading

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The most overrated things in TEFL Part One

Preteaching vocabulary The case for the prosecution: – I’ve had to train people on a “CELTA equivalent” course to teach three to five pieces of vocabulary, but if they ever asked why it couldn’t be two or zero I had … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles Feb 09

Feel like I should actually write something on my own blog between all these guest pieces, but am still trying to put stuff back where it was after my mother in law rearranged the flat. Instead, here is the usual … Continue reading

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An alternative way of boosting your teaching confidence

“She… reported that her self-esteem was raised when her [MA in TESOL] assignments were returned with comments that revealed, in her view, a degree of closed-mindedness on the part of the tutors who had marked them.” From pg 72 of … Continue reading

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TEFL fun and games Part one- Guess me!

Mondays are not a day for pontificating, and anyway I’m a bit ponficated out at the moment, so here are some fun and games instead- This is one that fits into my ultimate TEFL desert island survival game kit. It … Continue reading

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PPP RIP? Part One

Thanks to Appy Linguist for mentioning the PPP approach while talking about the CELTA because I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while. The question is: should teachers still be trained to teach PPP and it’s offshoot (or … Continue reading

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How the future of textbooks has to be

New article of mine on How the future of textbooks has to be Looking back on my 12 years of teaching English, if it is not just old age speaking I could swear that the first couple of years … Continue reading

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Read article + talk about article = learn a language

This is the one simple recipe that teachers all over Japan are using to raise the level of their students’ English: Take one copy of the Japan Times that you were going to read anyway Cut out one topical and/ or cultural article … Continue reading

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