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When needs analysis goes wrong

I don’t mean when they find nothing to say about their needs (I’ve got it set up so that it’s useful as a language task even when it is not as a needs analysis). What I’m talking about here is … Continue reading

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The other side of Oxford Street

A guest piece by “Holden Coalfield” “‘No thanks’, I said to the leafleter who offered me and everyone else a flyer for an English school as I walked out of Oxford Circus tube into this crowded and surprisingly tacky centre … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc April 2009

No messing, no pointless attempts at humour (for once), just links to more serious stuff I’ve been publishing elsewhere: 15 ways of combining listening and reading 15 fun activities for practising a, an and the The 15 best tips for … Continue reading

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A few more Xmas and New Year worksheets

… including my first ever guest writer worksheet (many more wanted!) from Paula Swenson: English Language New Year’s Resolutions (good for learner training, and set up by the kind of relevant reading text that I really should write for my worksheets … Continue reading

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The best end of term revision games

One way of finishing the term is with Xmas-themed stuff (see the post below). Another good one is lots of fun revision games. As I’ve spent a few years teaching students who want to do every page in the book … Continue reading

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New stuff July 2008 Part Two

As mentioned in a comment or two below (and in every other sentence in my real life conversation), I am off on my reasonably well deserved hols from Friday and won’t even be looking at a computer screen for the … Continue reading

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A much neglected TEFL teaching skill

See if you can guess which one it is: “For teachers who understandably rely on this skill of communication, it may be worth their while to consider the use of the varied styles that are available to them. To many, … Continue reading

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English teacher presents past perfect, fights for freedom

Although I often feel disappointed with the lack of any social value in my life of teaching adverbs of frequency to spoiled teenagers who want to be dolphin trainers and finding grammar points in Friends videos and typing up worksheets, it … Continue reading

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Warning, extended metaphor ahead! Learning a language = swimming

Apart from my attempts at investigative journalism for the EL Gazette (see below) and some writing work for (details soon), another thing that has kept me off my blog recently is trying to lose the beginnings of middle age … Continue reading

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Why are there so many bad English teachers in Japan? Part Three

Here is the next part of my serious attempt at examining why there might be so many bad teachers in Japan. Having already examined why worse teachers might come out to Japan, now it’s time to examine: Why do good … Continue reading

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