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Reported speech communication games/ photocopiables page sorted

More teaching ideas than classroom handouts on this one, but still nine of the latter – which frankly should be enough for this quite minor point… Indirect speech activities page Some tie it in with other points like writing minutes, formal … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles March 2012

Including lots of new ones on TEFLtastic for the first time in ages. Ones I haven’t mentioned yet at the top of each section. Different ways of doing a listening (an article format I’ve been wanting to write for ages … Continue reading

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More Grammar Games articles and worksheets

UPDATE: More up to date list of my grammar articles here and grammar worksheets here. Links to these articles and worksheets given so that hopefully I can be forgiven for having written so many on tenses, as deeply unfashionable and … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc April 2009

No messing, no pointless attempts at humour (for once), just links to more serious stuff I’ve been publishing elsewhere: 15 ways of combining listening and reading 15 fun activities for practising a, an and the The 15 best tips for … Continue reading

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History for ESL students

I am in no way an expert in either history or CLIL, but as I’ve written this material and there didn’t seem to be much available when I was looking thought I may as well put my stuff out there in … Continue reading

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New articles and worksheets Nov 08 Part Two

As I haven’t said for a while, the real purpose of this blog isn’t pontificating on all things TEFL (not sure how I started doing that, maybe WordPress is haunted by a malevolent spirit?) but to give links to my … Continue reading

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