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New daily routines vocabulary page

Yet another vital page that I somehow forgot to make for 13 years, in this case on “get up”, “have a shower”, “eat breakfast”, etc. Finishing an article and more worksheets on the topic at the moment, but in the … Continue reading

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New Present Simple pdf classroom materials pages

So many activities recently that the main Present Simple photocopiables page had got a bit unmanageable. Hopefully a bit easier to handle now with separate pages for Third Person S Activities and It is/ They are Activities. Links also there … Continue reading

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New present tenses activities

My last three articles have been on this topic, including a brand new one on combining and contrasting the two present tenses, and there are also new worksheets on the relevant index pages: Articles with present tense activities 36 fun … Continue reading

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Present Simple – 56 stimulating practice activities

New article with that rather large number of activities just up on Many of the ideas are possible with no or minimal resources, and we are getting up all the worksheets which are described as I write this. Article … Continue reading

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Present Simple activities page much expanded

Still not the biggest of page even after doubling in size, but I think it’s much more useful to teach contrasting it with Present Continuous or third person S, both of which I have many more ideas for linked to from there: Present … Continue reading

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Three nice new simple third person S activities

1. Came up with this one last week, though it’s so simple I’m sure I’m not the first: Draw a stick boy and stick girl on the board, then students make statements (“He has black hair”) or answers questions (“Does … Continue reading

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A nice simple game for has/ have or has got/ have got

I did this in a one-to-one class with a false beginner student, and it was great because we had about equal chance of winning the game. Will also work well with group classes I am sure: The students compete to … Continue reading

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Lots of lovely new articles and worksheets

Actually, I have no way of judging the loveliness of my own stuff, of course, just had a nice ring to it. Actually, lots could be an exaggeration too… Articles Adverbs of frequency games What your students need to know … Continue reading

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Putting the grammar back into Xmas

UPDATE: Full list of Xmas ideas and materials now here. Putting the seasonal cheer back into grammar (and putting the grammar back into Xmas) Some of you might be thinking that the problem with Xmas today is an excess of … Continue reading

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The Alternative TEFL jargon dictionary Part Six

After rather a long break, the Alternative TEFL Jargon Dictionary is back! Defective modals– This somewhat negative expression for modals that do not have a seperate past or future form (e.g. must) is now being replaced by the expression “modal … Continue reading

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