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New present tenses activities

My last three articles have been on this topic, including a brand new one on combining and contrasting the two present tenses, and there are also new worksheets on the relevant index pages: Articles with present tense activities 36 fun … Continue reading

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EFL taboo topics games (TEFLtastic classics Part 21)

Cultural training, loads of useful real-life speaking, and in one version a great way to contrast tenses. Students rank some questions and/ or topics from 1 point for great even with complete strangers to 5 points for completely taboo. They then ask each other … Continue reading

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Fun Present Simple and Continuous practice activities

Have redone my Present Tenses worksheets page to now have separate sections: – Present Simple and Continuous games and worksheets (16 worksheets comparing and contrasting the two, plus an article with more ideas) – Present Continuous classroom handouts (14 fun worksheets and one … Continue reading

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New English teaching worksheets June 2011

Some nice ones in this bunch, I reckon. Then again, I was quite proud of my hideously over-complicated telephoning lesson on Onestopenglish when it first went up… Big emailing functional language review Different kinds of IELTS Writing Part Two questions (in … Continue reading

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New ELT photocopiables April 2011

Many thanks again to  for putting these up, and for motivating me to do answer keys etc – something my students are appreciating too! In no particular order: Teleconferences and video conferences stages game (a much neglected point made … Continue reading

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Business English handouts for Present Simple/ Present Continuous

Mainly just a reorganisation with just a couple of new ones, but that makes a grand total of nine, which is more than I know of anywhere else… Business English grammar – Present tenses Them all being on one page … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and worksheets December 2010

Because I’d like to send every reader a real Xmas present each, but I don’t know where either of you live… Talking of Xmas, even more worksheets on that topic at the bottom, in case your students aren’t already sick of the topic … Continue reading

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New photocopiable worksheets May 2009

These ones on Timetable Battleships (telling the time, Present Simple for routines and school subjects- for young learners and beginner adults) Telephoning Communication Breakdowns Roleplays (see my telephoning worksheets for more of the same) Present Simple and Continuous Taboo Topics … Continue reading

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Christmas and New Year teaching ideas 2008

UPDATE: Much expanded and reorganised Xmas page with 42 articles and worksheets now here: Xmas and New Year materials/ ideas

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New stuff July 2008 Part Two

As mentioned in a comment or two below (and in every other sentence in my real life conversation), I am off on my reasonably well deserved hols from Friday and won’t even be looking at a computer screen for the … Continue reading

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