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Prepositions supplementary materials pages reorganised

I usually say I don’t know how it took me so long when I finally organise one of my worksheets pages, but in this case it is almost certainly because so many of the worksheets, songs etc practise a mix of … Continue reading

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Prepositions and determiners pairwork guessing game (TEFLtastic classics Part Six)

Updated 26 February 2020. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.  Prepositions and a/ an/ the/ some/ any etc made fun – I kid you not! Even better, you can present a whole bunch of useful … Continue reading

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New UsingEnglish worksheets Mar 2011

Being like like the TEFLtastic worksheets that I used to plug every month before my blog protested, but with proper formatting, answer keys etc. Another reason to be grateful to WordPress! Big numbers in British and American English Telephoning practice … Continue reading

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New TEFL PDFs April 2010 Part One

Your stressful week (Simple Past and Present Perfect, with bluff game) Stress at work Guess the job Rules for host families sentence completion pairwork (dependant prepositions and verb patterns) Describing your city Similarities and differences Possessions discussion questions … Continue reading

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Prepositions and directions worksheets etc

Like the other recent ones below, expanded, updated, cross referenced, linking to the finest of resources and generally buffed to a fine shine, but this time with songs and video lessons too Prepositions and directions games, worksheets, songs and videos

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Nutty TEFL idea of the day

“Sole Mates” from “The Grammar Activity Book” Tie words that go together (such as collocations) to different students’ shoelaces. They then walk around putting their feet next to each other to try to match them up. If they make an … Continue reading

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