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The accusations game (TEFLtastic classics Part 15)

I’m not claiming any particular originality for the ideas I’m including in this series (hence the word “classics”), but even less so with this one. However, I have come up with some little variations, including: – Using it for Present … Continue reading

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Narrative tenses photocopiables sorted out

All index pages (Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Simple Past and Used to) also now contain all relevant materials in proper sections: Past tenses communication games and other worksheets For details on which other pages are similarly easy to navigate and … Continue reading

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A nice fun personalised speaking activity for Past Continuous

As I’ve written before, when I do use a PPP methodology I tend to present the grammar near the end of the lesson, let them get their heads round it for homework, and then do the speaking practice in the … Continue reading

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New ELT photocopiables April 2011

Many thanks again to  for putting these up, and for motivating me to do answer keys etc – something my students are appreciating too! In no particular order: Teleconferences and video conferences stages game (a much neglected point made … Continue reading

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Past Continuous games and worksheets

As well as the articles that I linked to a little while ago, I’ve polished up my Worksheet pages and there are now about 13 examples there (although at first glance it looks like 53 of those 13 are slightly different … Continue reading

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New EFL articles November 2010

As I am currently between jobs, the top articles are to make the rest of you unemployed too by making students suddenly realise how much they can do with conversation exchanges or self-study instead! Articles for students Activities for conversation … Continue reading

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New Advanced level worksheets

All designed for and used with Landmark Advanced (boy, is that a book that needs some supplementing!), but most easily useable with any Advanced or high Upper Intermediate class,and all copiable from here into Word or printable as PDFs. Topics include: … Continue reading

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Market Leader Lesson plans and worksheets

I’ve updated my Market Leader worksheets page so that all of the worksheets are available in PDF and Word formats. If anyone has any worksheets that you’ve used with these books (old or new editions) or links to other materials … Continue reading

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Christmas and New Year teaching ideas 2008

UPDATE: Much expanded and reorganised Xmas page with 42 articles and worksheets now here: Xmas and New Year materials/ ideas

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How much Christmas cheer can one class handle?

UPDATE: Full list of Xmas stuff now here. More Xmas links, should you be a glutton for merriment (including one that says “Focus: Fluency speaking, advanced vocab, conversation, destroying students’ enjoyment of Christmas”, which is nice) Developingteachers Xmas lesson plans … Continue reading

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