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Xmas and New Year future forms worksheets

Have just put up a new one that reviews future tenses and ties some of the older ones together: Xmas and New Year Xmas tense review I used it with these activities to make a 90 minute lesson: Going to … Continue reading

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New TEFLtastic worksheets etc January 2010

Guess the job 20 questions and personalisation Arrangements, plans and predictions speaking tasks Future clauses chain story

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History for ESL students

I am in no way an expert in either history or CLIL, but as I’ve written this material and there didn’t seem to be much available when I was looking thought I may as well put my stuff out there in … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and teaching ideas Dec 08

15 ways to learn students’ names LINK UPDATED 15 more fun ways to practice the Past PerfectLINK UPDATED 15 fun ways to practice third and mixed conditionalsLINK UPDATED 15 more ways of eliciting vocabulary LINK UPDATED 15 fun ways to practice will … Continue reading

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Christmas and New Year teaching ideas 2008

UPDATE: Much expanded and reorganised Xmas page with 42 articles and worksheets now here: Xmas and New Year materials/ ideas

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New Year, New Grammar

As people searching for Xmas themed lessons seems to finally be over, here comes the New Year worksheets to ease yourself back into your classes with:

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How much Christmas cheer can one class handle?

UPDATE: Full list of Xmas stuff now here. More Xmas links, should you be a glutton for merriment (including one that says “Focus: Fluency speaking, advanced vocab, conversation, destroying students’ enjoyment of Christmas”, which is nice) Developingteachers Xmas lesson plans … Continue reading

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