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Sentence completion guessing games (TEFLtastic classics Part Two)

Updated 1 January 2018 I almost certainly didn’t make this game up, but I publically challenge anyone to prove that they’ve overexploited it as much as me! The rules are incredibly simple: Students complete at least some of the sentence … Continue reading

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Christmas and New Year teaching ideas 2008

UPDATE: Much expanded and reorganised Xmas page with 42 articles and worksheets now here: Xmas and New Year materials/ ideas

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New Year, New Grammar

As people searching for Xmas themed lessons seems to finally be over, here comes the New Year worksheets to ease yourself back into your classes with:

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Christmas is all about the kids, maaaan

Update: Full page of my Xmas stuff now here. Don’t know how and when it happened, but no kids’ classes at all this year so had no chance to see their happy and snotty little faces when doing the lessons … Continue reading

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Pairwork: "It started with a kiss…"*

In a moment of inspiration fueled by low tolerance to the stimulating effects of real British “builders’ tea”, have come up with: The pairwork magic formula I have yet to teach a class that wouldn’t do and enjoy pairwork eventually. … Continue reading

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