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New zero conditional games and teaching tips

Went to add my new article and worksheets to my zero conditional page but was surprised to find that I’d never had one. Do now! 18 game ideas and photocopiable classroom activities included, so hopefully worth the wait: Zero conditional games/ … Continue reading

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Two new third conditional games

Went down quite well with my New Cutting Edge Intermediate class: Third conditional personalisation things in common game Third conditional vocabulary revision random pelmanism game  (vocab specific to that book but game easily adaptable for other classes) Three more worksheets, 15 game … Continue reading

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New articles and worksheets Sept 2011

Classroom activities to practise planning and paragraphing – LINK FIXED How to teach FCE Use of English Part One What your students need to know about BULATS Writing Part One – LINK FIXED Fun activities for the second conditional Checklist for schools … Continue reading

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Teaching tenses games and tips

Like many of my students, I started on tenses thinking I’d quickly get them out of the way and then get onto something more interesting. However, five years later and here I still am writing articles on the little buggers… … Continue reading

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Sentence completion guessing games (TEFLtastic classics Part Two)

Updated 1 January 2018 I almost certainly didn’t make this game up, but I publically challenge anyone to prove that they’ve overexploited it as much as me! The rules are incredibly simple: Students complete at least some of the sentence … Continue reading

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Conditionals games/ practice activities

Another much needed big reorganisation, now divided into: First conditional worksheets (four worksheets, plus article of game ideas coming up soonish) Second conditional handouts (nine worksheets) Third conditional (one worksheet and article of game ideas) Mixed conditionals (actually also including mixes of … Continue reading

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More Grammar Games articles and worksheets

UPDATE: More up to date list of my grammar articles here and grammar worksheets here. Links to these articles and worksheets given so that hopefully I can be forgiven for having written so many on tenses, as deeply unfashionable and … Continue reading

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Teaching tenses Grammar games

Much updated list here: Teaching tenses games and tips

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New TEFL articles September 2010

I’ve linked to some of these already, but thought I may as well put the month’s supply together Video tasks for specific language points How to teach phonics with simple picture flashcards Classroom language for teaching pronunciation Pronunciation changes in … Continue reading

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New fun classroom handouts May 2010 Part One

Adjectives compare your weeks Body parts definitions game Business prepositions pairwork (making preps fun and hopefully making connections) Meetings and negotiations prepositions and articles (all that tricky stuff with one fun game!) Conditionals review sentence completition guessing game Next weekend … Continue reading

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