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Getting students to ask you questions

Analysis of why they don’t ask questions even when they have them and some possible solutions just up here: Dealing with students who are reluctant to ask questions

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What your favourite seating plan says about you

A circle or horseshoe of seats with the teacher at the front – You are an exhibitionist. Do you by any chance find yourself regularly needing to go to the garden or balcony semi-dressed to rescue the washing, get your … Continue reading

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Holding our students back

Back when I was just a year or two off the RSA/ Cambridge CTEFLA, I remember one of my biggest worries was the way that the best students got even better quicker than the worst ones improved and the already … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles Feb 2011

The first is one of my pieces for MET that I’ve started putting up on the blog, and the rest are my usual monthly supply for and Drawing On Drawing Games Part One – Pictionary Dealing with dominating … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You games and activities

As useful as it might be for people starting new classes around now, I thought a whole blog post just to big up my new article on finding things in common was a bit too much blowing my own trumpet … Continue reading

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This month’s supply of TEFL articles and reviews

Starting with mine, then a selection of others: Thinking Time in ELT Finding a balance in the use of competition Level tests v Placement tests Using Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush in EFL classes (loads of variations, extensions … Continue reading

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The CELTA Ten Commandments

Say what you like about the Ten Commandments (unrealistic, need a scary fake God to make people pay attention, etc), I think we all must admit that we’d improve our lives and the world by keeping it in mind not to lust … Continue reading

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New stuff

The EFL Dictionary of Football is up to I and still lots of fun- get involved and add your own favourite idioms (“nutmeg” is already in, but haven’t decided about “park the bus” yet) Other worksheets and articles: Classroom language for … Continue reading

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Keeping YLs on Task – Part Two

Another great guest piece from Leahn Stanhope. She also somehow finds time to regularly update her own blog, so give EarlyEFL a look. If you don’t teach kids, Back Up Plan is a thought provoking post for all of us.  … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and ideas April 2010

Might’ve listed the ones nearer the bottom before, but been a while since I’ve done one of these updates, so maybe not: 15 no prep games with just little scraps of paper 15 zero prep games with (whole) sheets of … Continue reading

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