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Kaplan join the TEFL course bullshit party

Kaplan is a huge educational company that is most famous for exam-prep courses. They now seem to have decided to branch out into TEFL courses, and given their size it could well spread until it is also somewhere near you. … Continue reading

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Host family horror stories

Actually, this very nice article on EF and Kaplan in California  is far more fair than my scandal raking post title (note to The Guardian- real journalism on TEFL is possible!), but thought it might be a good chance to … Continue reading

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TEFL quotes of the year 2008

In reverse order by when they appeared on the blog (the first two are new): “Now Skinner did reign in the land of psychology, and it came to pass that Chomsky smote Skinner and begat Krashen, and Krashen begat Long, … Continue reading

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A blast from the EL Gazette

Hopefully it’s okay for me to reprint this editorial in full (and in the classic self-deluding style of a habitual blogging copyright breaker I am going to take the fact that they haven’t disabled the copy function on the online … Continue reading

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