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ECC may have bought data stolen from owner of Berlitz

According to the newspaper Japan Times, the data on 75,000 high school students that large Japanese language school chain ECC bought might have been among that stolen by someone working at Benesse, owner of the Berlitz and ELS chains, plus the … Continue reading

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China Radio International investigation of EF

Some of the criticism is a bit random, but the reports of refusing refunds and Western-looking but non-native teachers seem genuine: Behind the Foreign Brand Name (radio programme and transcript)

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Criticism of outsourcing to British Council in Punjab and Malaysia

I’m not sure how seriously the criticism can be taken, seeing as it comes from a local teaching union and an opposition party, probably the two kinds of people who are most likely to protest all changes. Still, that of … Continue reading

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How would Scottish independence affect the British Council?

The only thing I could think of is that the rump British Council might start skipping that Headway unit about Hamish McSporran the man with twelve jobs. Sure there must be more serious possible consequences though, and the BC page … Continue reading

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Kaplan join the TEFL course bullshit party

Kaplan is a huge educational company that is most famous for exam-prep courses. They now seem to have decided to branch out into TEFL courses, and given their size it could well spread until it is also somewhere near you. … Continue reading

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Heated debate on the role of the British Council

I’m a bit behind on noticing this one, but as it follows on from what I’ve written about the BC here: Is the British Council competing its way to oblivion? and here: Launch of the British Council Aptis test today … Continue reading

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Chinese TV report on EF English First

I’m relying entirely on the translation/ summary as I don’t speak a word of the language, but still sounds interesting: EF expose on CCTV  

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Launch of British Council Aptis test today

… making it, I imagine, the biggest example of the British Council both supporting and competing with other British-owned ELT organisations, for better or worse, but not much info online in English yet: A very short announcement on The Times … Continue reading

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Is the British Council competing its way to oblivion?

I’ve been worried for a while that by doing more and more things that commercial organisations do more and more in the way that commercial organisations do them (as well as competing with – often British-owned – commercial organisations), the … Continue reading

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Franchising – An easy way for schools to make money?

My old school Shane has started doing the rounds of Franchise Expos in the hope of setting up franchises in new countries, with Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore on the list so far and a franchise already set … Continue reading

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