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Free download of Mario's Humanising Your Coursebook

Is it really nine years since I reviewed it?? That would explain why I long ago lost my copy, so though I’ve already read the whole thing I might even download another copy myself here (free registration needed).

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How I became Sandy McManus

Although some people online have somehow had their suspicions that I actually am that (formerly?) famous foul-mouthed TEFL blacklisting anti-Semite from Brighton, I am most certainly not. “Foul-mouthed” was often true until my daughter first copied me, “from Brighton” is … Continue reading

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An interview with Andrew Wright

One of the many nice things to come out of the storm in a TEFL cup that was my attempt at making a list of the 100 most influential books in TEFL was Andrew Wright agreeing to an interview, and here it … Continue reading

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EL Gazette campaign to save UK TEFL

As usual, I can find little to add to what the ever fabulous Melanie Butler has to say here, except that if you think this doesn’t concern you, just think about TEFLers fleeing the UK and further flooding the teaching … Continue reading

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An interview with Katie of TEFLlogue (History of TEFL blogging Part Three)

In my interview EFL Geek, he mentioned Katie of TEFLlogue fame as someone he most missed from the TEFL blogosphere, and I’m sure everyone who was active at that time will feel exactly the same way. She was incredibly productive, … Continue reading

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Something chewy from Jeremy Harmer

“…before you get too starry-eyed about the functional-notional approach… it would be good to remember Chris Brumfit’s worry that teaching formulaic ‘doing-things-with-language’ was a way of trying to force students to say things that WE wanted them to say, rather … Continue reading

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Rod Ellis on theory and practice

“SLA research is not capable of providing teachers with recipes for successful practice. It should be treated as providing teachers with ‘insights’ which they can use to build their own explicit theory. It is on the basis of this theory- … Continue reading

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Evidence-based teaching?

Evidence-based medicine is all the rage at the moment. While not lacking in critics and almost certainly leading to the dismissal of some brilliant mavericks and their ideas alongside the control of crackpots and incompetents, all the evidence seems to … Continue reading

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Development, blogs, books and Japan- An interview with Darren Elliott of Lives of Teachers blog

We all seem to be seeing your name around a lot recently. A masterplan to become the next Thornbury/ trying to keep yourself busy while your wife watches Japanese television/ sleep disorder/ other? I think it takes more than a … Continue reading

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A typical TEFL biography (and one big difference)

The typical bit: “I did not know what I wanted to do but I did know what I did not want to do.  I did not want to work in the UK. ” and the untypical bit: “A panel of misguided … Continue reading

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